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Tim Smith, MSW, CSW

My name is Tim Smith, MSW, CSW, therapist.  I graduated Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Social Work degree in 2019 while doing field placement at JourneyPure Addiction Recovery Care, where I learned to effectively interact with people from all walks of life. After completing undergraduate studies, I earned my Master of Social Work from WKU in 2021. While earning my graduate degree I completed field placement providing clinical services for the Bowling Green Independent School District, where I learned to deal with adolescents and their unique experiences in a variety of settings. Perhaps the most fundamental aspect that I bring to my approach to delivering therapeutic services is my ability to foster an atmosphere of safety and acceptance. I believe that therapy is only as good as the relationship between the client and therapist, so I strive to strengthen that alliance by ensuring a safe place for all of my clients. I am currently licensed to practice therapy under supervision of Julie McCoy, MSW, LCSW.

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