Grief Counseling
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Mental Health counseling

What can I expect from treatment at McCoy Counseling Center? 

McCoy Counseling Center can help those who are faced with many different mental health challenges.  Our clinicians are all social workers who are strength based and person centered.  We do not force you through treatment.  Our goal is to empower you to take your life back!  We house the only two Grief Recovery Specialist in the area. 

What are some of the losses the Certified Grief Recovery Specialists can help me address?

There are many types of loss with which we can help you recover.  Although death of a loved one is the obvious loss, there are over forty different losses.  Some of these are: divorce or separation, personal injury or illness, loss of mobility/freedom/independence, dismissal from work, retirement, change in health of family member, pregnancy, miscarriage/stillbirth or infant loss, sexual difficulties, addition of a family member, business readjustment, family isolation, career change, financial loss/gains, child leaving home, relationship problems, begin or end of school, change in living environment, relocation/moving, change in schools, holiday grief patterns, loss of trust, loss of approval, loss of safety and loss of control.  

Do you only help people with grief and loss?

Although we do focus on grief, all of our therapists are licensed by the State of Kentucky and can see clients with most any presenting problem.  Combined we have experience in acute inpatient hospitalization, foster care, community mental health, substance abuse, rape crisis and prevention, hospice, geriatric group counseling and non profit.