Services tailored to meet client's individualized needs

As social workers, we believe you are an expert on your own life.  Our job is to empower you to be the best you that you chose to be.  Our work with you will focus on your strengths, helping you identify and link your own ideas to be your best.  The goals for treatment are developed between the client and the social worker. 

This agency was formed after two significant losses experienced by the owner, Julie McCoy.  It was at that time in Feburary 2016 that she decided to open a center to provide a safe and confidential practice for client's to process thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental environment.  As a client herself in the middle of grief, she struggled to find any practitioner in our area specifically trained in grief and loss. After serving as a therapist for many years focusing on depression, anxiety, PTSD and acute psychiatric illnesses, she decided to become certified in grief to help clients in a more specialized way.  At that point she  attended The Grief Recovery Method training to become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist.  The unique thing about this training is that the Grief Recovery Institute forced her to work the program herself before becoming certified.  It was an amazing experience for her and she is excited to share it with clients.

Individual and family therapy is also provided in addition to the Grief Recovery Method.  Please see the services provided to determine what services from which you can most benefit.

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The Grief
Recovery Method
is a format in which McCoy Counseling Center will help you complete your relationships to recover from the pain and heartache of grief.
Speaking Engagements

are opportunities for your staff to be trained in grief managment.  Some appropriate topics could include

*The Myths of Grief

*Short Term Energy Releasing Behavior (STERBS)

*Emotional Storage Units

*Helping Parents Grieve When Their Baby Dies

**If you have a specific request for a presentation, please email me at 

Supervision Services

are offered through a contract with The Kentucky State Board of Social Work.  I am an approved provider for those seeking their LCSW.  I currently have one opening available.  Please click the link above for more information and helpful hints on obtaining supervision.

Steps for Samuel

is an annual event offered to raise awareness for Pregnancy and Infant Loss.  Mrs. McCoy is the cofounder of this nonpforit.  This event includes a tree dedication and candlelight vigil to honor babies.  This event is held in October, as October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  Please see the link below to be directed to the website with information on upcoming and past events.

Steps for Samuel Stone
Crisis Counseling

allows clients a safe place to process a sudden loss.  After an unexpected loss, there is no specific way someone "should" feel.   Crisis counseling allows clients the opportunty to gain education during the decision making stage immediately after a loss to make an informed decision when it's most important to be decisive.  This is also an opportunity for a client to grieve openly and without judgement.   

Individual and Family Therapy

allows clients the opportunity to process things in a safe place without judgement or bias.  Many emotional troubles can be traced back to loss.  This can be abandonment by a parent, death, divorce, loss of mental/physcial health or isolation to name a few.  These emotional troubles can be treated with psychotherapy through the use of many different therapeutic techniques.  Brokerage skills will also be used by the provider to ensure you have all necessary referrals to begin to recover from loss.